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You can contact us to be among the sponsors of the International Izmir Film Festival 2022, Turkey's first and only vision films festival.


Sponsoring the International Izmir Film Festival! In 2020, 5 million 363 thousand 27 single votes were cast from 169 countries! In 2019, 4 million 28 thousand singular votes were cast from 110 countries! In 2018, 1 million 510 thousand singular votes were cast from 103 countries!

Would you like to be sponsor of the Turkey’s one and only vision film festival?

In addition to the vision films in Turkey, the International İzmir Film Festival, where national and international short films, short animation films and documentaries compete, and industry workers such as make-up, visual effects and costumes are awarded in addition to actors, productions and directors, especially by cinema sector employees. It has turned into a popular festival

Let's take a look at the annual data together...

With open-air movie screenings in most districts of İzmir for 5 days, the people of İzmir met with the cinema on hot summer evenings. The films that were selected in the shorts category were screened to the public. Candidate films, which were opened to public voting for 1 month, made us smile in the first year by receiving 1 million 510 thousand votes from 103 countries.

We set out with the target of 3 million votes in our 6-day festival. With the power of social media and the press, we made our voices heard more. With the participation of our valuable artists, our open-air film festival has spread to 30 districts. Our esteemed directors watched the films with young directors in our short film selections. In our grand award ceremony, we watched the Golden Artemis awards meet with the owners of all our artists and cinema lovers from many cities for our festival. In the 1-month voting period, we passed our target with a total of 4 million 28 thousand votes from 110 countries and completed a successful festival process for us.

Our festival, which was under the influence of the pandemic, took place online on Youtube. The 3rd International Izmir Film Festival, in which our nominated artists participated with videos, became a warm smile in cinema lovers faces during the pandemic process. We are happy to be a festival that makes its voice heard in the world with 5 million 363 thousand 27 votes from 169 countries on the way we started with the target of 5 million votes.!

We aim to raise our voice worldwide with the target of 10 million votes in 2022. With the positive feedback we receive from the cinema and TV series sectors, our goal is to transform our festival into a place where everyone who works for cinema will receive the appreciation they deserve and be applauded wholeheartedly. !

Our festival, which was featured in 464 news in 3 months only in 2020, will add value to your brand's awareness with your support for art. Your brand logos will be featured on at our magnificent award ceremony.

The honorary awards that will be given in the name of your company will make your support for the cinema unforgettable.

Your opening ceremony speech as a sponsor will create news value for the press and support your name recognition.

We can determine the International İzmir Film Festival 2022 concept together. Would you like to remember a film festival that meets your slogan?

Contact us to become the sponsor of the International Izmir Film Festival 2022!

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