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2023'te 165 ülkeden 7 milyon 616 bin tekil oy kullanıldı!
2022'de 139 ülkeden 1 milyon 273 bin 198 tekil oy kullanıldı!
2020'de 169 ülkeden 5 milyon 363 bin 27 tekil oy kullanıldı!
2019'da 110 ülkeden 4 milyon 28 bin tekil oy kullanıldı!
2018'de 103 ülkeden 1 milyon 510 bin tekil oy kullanıldı!



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International İzmir Film Festival Frequently Asked Questions

The International Izmir Film Festival is Turkey's first and only vision film festival. Without forgetting the workers of the vision films, we present our respect to the veterans of cinema, as well as the actors, and also present the invisible heroes who worked for the film to the public with their work, and we want them to hear the applause they deserve through the public vote.

As the International İzmir Film Festival, we choose the best of the year with the likes of Turkish cinema lovers from all over the world.

In the international short film section, it examines the works of domestic and foreign cinema lovers. We want them to be rewarded with Golden Artemis too.

With the approval of our esteemed notary, we, as the International Izmir Film Festival, are waiting with excitement until the last day, not knowing who will win.

The film screenings and award ceremony of our International İzmir Film Festival are open to the public. You can attend all the events of the Izmir Film Festival completely free of charge.

When our screening schedule is announced, we will announce it to both on our website and on our social media accounts.

You can follow the developments regarding the announcement of the candidates and the start of the voting on our social media accounts.

While one area of the International İzmir Film Festival is determined only through vision films, the field of short films is open for all cinema lovers to apply for short films. When short film applications are open, you can participate in the competition from short films, documentaries and short animation branches. For detailed information on the subject, you can read the conditions of participation.

Golden Artemis is the name of the awards given at the International Izmir Film Festival.